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Columbia Conference Center (CCC) is privately owned, privately funded, and operated by Conference Management Center, LLC. CCC does not accept any public funds to operate its programs.

Unlike most hotels and other meeting facilities, CCC is not open seven days a week. CCC is closed on Sunday to honor God and to give staff a day off from labor-intensive work schedules. CCC will only open on weekday nights and Saturdays if there are sufficient customer revenues to justify expenses and time. Thus, CCC reserves the right to decline booking an event that does not qualify as a profitable event. CCC requires certain minimum revenues and profits in decision making and will outline those when booking an event.

Consequently, while CCC values all customers and their business, the facility is not opened on weekday nights and weekends for small or low profit events. When open, CCC carefully assesses each customer to ensure they receive only the highest quality of services and attention they deserve. For example, CCC may decline adding customers in the building to an existing wedding that is currently booked. A couple is often only married once in a lifetime and their event is very special. Thus, the event should receive only the high quality of care and support they deserve. CCC is cautious about mixing multiple customers on a weekend that can add confusion to events (Customer from one event may attend the other event and consume their catering; etc.).

CCC usually books customers on a first-come-first-served policy. However, CCC also reserves the right to assess the base of customers who have requested room rentals and catering on certain dates and times. Then, based on which customers are the most profitable or have provided CCC with long-term business, CCC may be selective of which are booked (regardless of the order their inquiry was received.)

CCC also reserves the right to review, approve, or deny any outside caterer for any reason at any time. Hotels and meeting facilities are very strict concerning the use of outside caterers or allowing customers to bring in their own food. CCC has established specific guidelines for the use of outside caterers (primarily because of the liabilities and insurance or government requirements).

CCC encourages people of all religions, races, genders, ethnicity, and backgrounds to use our facility and services. Thank you for understanding how our privately owned facility operates.

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